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Name: Bukas Global Investment
Registration Number: RC 783581
Registered on: September, 2008
Services: Online Solutions
Who we Are
Founded in 2008, Bukas Global Investment is a Business Consulting Organization. Having started as a small Marketing Company, we switched to IT services in 2020 and ever since we have helped non-IT organizations and software product companies and individuals improve business performance and quickly win new customers. We are also involved in training students on Programming and related Digital Skills.
Web Dev Services
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Development Services
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Web Dev Services
Development Services
Tools & Solutions
Learning Community
Disclaimer Content for Using Bukas Global Investment’s Services

Thank you for taking interest in working with Gozkybrain on your Project; however to complete this process, we need to agree on certain terms.

1. Our Platform does not in any way represent anything you do with our services. We take no responsibility for the actions or consequences of whatever you do with our websites and applications; our job is just to create and maintain this services. We do not need to know what you do with them.

2. We take no responsibility for a termination of hosting or domain by the service providers. These actions are as a result of finding your website or application faulty of abuse. We do not offer any refunds for such turn of events.

3. You reserve the right to demand for your admin details, with exception to the cPanel. You reserve the right to ask your developer to logout of his admin panel. It is now your website, you can decide who stays or leaves.

4. Loss of data from your website can be attended to, fixed, or maintained by your developer either free or at a price depending on the nature of the issue. We take no responsibility for this loss of data after your website/application has been tested okay.

5. Your login details may be recovered from your developer if they try; you should save your information yourself to prevent permanent loss of confidential data.

6. You are advised to get a regular maintenance on your website to prevent bugs which may lead to disappointment. You do not reserve the right to a free maintenance when your website/application goes down. Do not wait for your site to go down, maintain it regularly to prevent interruptions.

7. We make our websites and applications with as much security as possible, we do not look away from the fact that there are hackers and penetrators online. Although our websites are almost impossible to penetrate, we take no responsibility for any cyber attack. 

8. Please discontinue the use of any of our services immediately you discover that it may have been tempered with or penetrated. You can request a check on the account, or personally discontinue usage. We do not tale responsibility on the outcome of such events. 

9. Creating a website or application with us means you have read and agreed with these terms. Please do not create an account with if you do not agree with these terms.