About us

iBukas is a Trademark Subsidiary for Bukas Global Investment Limited. It is aimed at providing Online Services for Small Scale to Medium Scale Business Organisations. It is the Business branch of the Company that is involved in the Creation of websites and databases for Organisations and Businesses, both full time and partially – that is including assistance on group projects. It is also involved in e-commerce services such as production of sales tunnel and platforms including special features.

Bukas Global Investment Limited is registered under the
Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number RC783581 on the 04 November, 2008.

What do we do at iBukas?
We are aimed at bringing general day to day activities of life to an Online synchrony. We are basically involved in development of businesses online, and the transformation of Regular businesses to an accessible online platform to improve the financial standards of all our partners.
We are involved in production of quality web services; including Database Production, Web Designing, Debugging, e-commerce & mini importation, tutorials classes & certification, Forex Evaluations, and a whole lot of Online Purchases gradually added as we upgrade.

Client Affairs
Here at iBukas, we serve our clients with quality services from website creation, to web development ; debugging services. We also provide contents for blogs and article inclined websites.
Our clients at iBukas can also leverage our connections in their affairs of e-commerce as we are connected to various e-commerce and delivery services.
We also produce quality services in each field our clients are involved. We give secure accounts to clients with ability to top up just incase any of our services are premium.

Student Affairs
We provide a learning environment, constantly upgraded to fit a perfect learning environment for our Students and intending students in the aspects of web development; designing, Forex trading, e-commerce and general business management. We are gradually aimed at giving certificates to our students on completion of their learning so as to better their future endeavours.
We are constantly upgrading our system to meet the standard classroom system with attendance records, and results. We are aimed at providing the best possible educational environment for all of our students.

This is still under a hypothesis. We are aimed at only producing quality services that can stand the test of time. Our Certificates would be awarded on completion on learning, on completion on projects for our clients, both web development and e-commerce services.

Business Offers
We are constantly in business with various sectors generally and popularly aimed at financial bliss, we do not leave our members out. We tend to provide business offers after thorough check and concluded that they have minimal risks. We also provide assistance on e-commerce services for small and medium entrepreneurs, this would help members survive the early stages of setting up their businesses and may even turn them into potential partners.
We constantly have business deals of all sort, we provide these offers to our best clients who can handle them to ensure that our reputation continues to remain afloat.

Delivery Services
This is the daily need of the regular Nigerian enterprenuer, we are focused on tackling these problems by providing a link to other deliver agents in the locality of our clients. We also provide services to enable members get goods from abroad. Using our broad contacts of business partners, we guarantee a safe delivery of your goods to tour doorsteps or a convenient location as our agreement says.

Business Solution
Our team of Business Analysts are dedicated to investigate business ideas and already existing business and proffer solutions to underlying problems, state risks and benefits involved, study the implications and finally give you a scale on which you can conclude on the future of such businesses.

For more enquires Send us an email at gozkybrain@gmail.com or contact us on WhatsApp +2348166983737.

Our live chat is always handy, so keep in touch.