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My Valentines Day Sexcapade: Mad Bus Ride


Preface: The bus started moving.. I began to feel a bulge underneath my ass..
I take my bath in a rush. No hot water today.. I scrub my body like a rug.. Damn. I come out of the bathroom, naked and shivering and I run down the corridor to my room. No one else is at home after all.

Valentines Special
I check the time on the wall and I paled. My boss is going to kill me today. I’m absolutely running late. As I check the hanger for the clothes I had set for earlier, my mind wanders to the reason I woke up late. I had a midnight date with my Vibrator and fucked myself with it for hours.. Yet, I’m not satisfied. The orgasms were weak, at best and I can’t figure out why.

I have been using this piece of dick for 2 years and I still can’t understand why yesterday night was an issue. I snapped out of my reverie and searched more for the cloth, but I didn’t find it.

My sister must have worn my clothes again! I grumble in annoyance. She can wear, but she can’t wake me up. Evil girl. I opened my box and pull out the first thing that came to my grasp. I wore it and rushed to the fridge, grab a box of juice, gulp and flinged the carton.

I’m Running late.

I rushed out of the compound and locked the gate. I hastily drop the keys into my bag and almost sprint to the bus stop. I rushed inside the bus with another guy, and we almost collided. I hiss in anger and he smugly took the last seat. I stood inside, angry.

I heave in frustration, my goodness. “Next turn” the next driver shouted and I calculated the time it will take before it gets full. It is a long bus and it takes time to get full.

I considered standing, but the “dress” I wore will not allow that. Breeze from the window was blowing and its making the the dress ride almost to the top of my thighs. I could see some women snigger as I try to hold it down. I stand there for a moment of indecision.. Then I felt hands gently touch me.

“Let me lap you. It won’t take time. You’d get to your destination soon enough” he said. I look into the eyes of a seemingly handsome gentleman. His gaze is penetrating. “fuck it” I thought, and went to sit on his laps. The seat is by the window and I tried to bury my embarrassment by looking out of the window.

I know people will talk and snicker. The next bus still hasn’t gotten a single passenger and I thank God for the man.

OOhh! What a ride.

“Hope you are comfortable” he softly whispered into my ear. I gave a tiny nod. Here I am, sitting on a man’s thighs like a kid. I began to think about how nonsensical my day has been. First off, I’m sexually frustrated, now this.

The bus started moving… I began to feel a bulge underneath my ass. I gently shifted, but the bulge continued to grow and get harder. I shifted again to dodge it, but it followed me everywhere. I want to die..

I feel his hand gently touch me and whisper “Have you ever been fucked in a public bus?”. Twin feelings of lust and indignation rose in me. I want to get angry, but I can’t muster it.

He chuckled and used his palms to press me harder on his crotch. That move is mad, insane and dirty. I felt lust slam into me at his dominance. Slowly and steadily, he gently re-arranged my skirt till it spread and covered our moves.

I wonder at the person sitting next to us. As if he could read my mind, he said “The old man beside us is asleep” and subsequently bit my ears.

The hum of the bus lull me and the wind on my face makes me crave it more. He gently shifts my thong aside and slips one finger into me, fast. I am still dry and I felt a slight pain.. He didn’t relent and soon started slipping his finger in my cunt.

I begin to hear that faint sound a wet cunt makes when you screw it with a finger.. I start to get wet and more aroused. He slipped another finger in and it went in easily. I almost cried out in pleasure.

He alternated between fingering me and squeezing my clit to a almost painful point. My God. I have not been this horny in my life. It’s worse because he’s holding me down with his other arm. I can’t squirm, I can’t make a sound.. We are in public.

He rolled the nub of my clit between his fingers wetly and the combination of this humiliating situation and my sexual frustration is making me combust. My pussy creamed more and I wish I was fucking him. All sane thought left my brain.

I began to undulate on his fingers and he held me back.. “Gently baby, we don’t wanna get caught” he said and licked the shell of my ear.

The bus lurched into traffic and idled.. He chuckled because this just bought him more time and I felt suddenly fuller as he slid in the third finger.. And filled me to the brim..

Brain, I am getting spanked! This man whom I don’t even know his name is playing out my individual fantasies and I am loving it! Can you imagine that, Brain?

My insides clenched and if I can, I would have screamed like a bitch in heat. Back up. I’m a bitch in heat.
For crying out loud, what sort of slut allows a strange man stuff three fingers in her cunt while sitting on his thigh in a public transport?

Call me a Dirty Slut.

As if he read my mind, he whispered.. “what a dirty slut you are.. How’d you love my fingers screwing you?” His words sent a flood of juice dripping out and he chuckled at the obvious effect his words have on me.

I glance to my side and peruse the bus.. The man beside us is still dozing, hence oblivious to our machinations. The other people are in different states of irritation due to the traffic jam. No one is paying us absolutely any attention.
This give me the final courage I need to let go of my inhibitions. I move and grind harder on his bulge. His breath catch. I realize that he didn’t expect that move.

Spank Me!

He gently pull his wet and soppy fingers out of my pussy and give me a light spank. On my swollen cunt. I hiss out a scream, and only his palms which covered my mouth at the last moment saved us.
I have never been this besotted with arousal in my life. I mean, I am getting spanked! This man whom I don’t even know his name is playing out my individual fantasies and I am loving it!

Oh Fill Me up.

“stay silent..“ he groans and he slowly but surely start to fill me up with his dick. I am sitting on his thighs, my skirt a cover, his dick out from his zipper and my cunt spread wide open for the taking. And taking he did.

He slowly spread apart my folds with his cock head and enter me, inch by delicious inch. Myriad thoughts flash through my mind at the speed of light.. some of which is the fact that we are using no protection, I’m not on the pill and I fucking love his cock!

It’s the thickest piece of meat I’ve ever had in me. Our position and the public situation has heightened the sensations and I’m going raving mad.
I try to turn and see the expression on his face, but he held me down. I can hear his labored breathing and I am deprived of seeing his face. I wish I can glimpse it. I want to know if he’s as affected as I am.

Best Fuck of my Life.

My womb contracts and refuse to accept the last few inches of his dick. I could feel a slight pain as this man hit the absolute limit. I feel the tendrils of an orgasm begin to coil around my insides and he’s not even thrusting!

He groans into my ears “fucking slut, you are gonna take the last inches of my dick. You got it?” I moan a “No”and I hear him chuckle darkly.

I’m full and there’s no other place his long dick gonna stay. It’s beginning to hurt me deliciously and I start to wish for a hard thrusting. I want to slam myself on his cock, ride it, do anything.. but of course, I can’t.

He begins to whisper dirty shit in my ear.. How I’m his fuck slut.. How he’s going to nail me on his cock till I forget every other dicks before him.. How he’s going to fuck my womb.. Haaaa.. It had the desired effect.

A fresh flood of fuck juice came from my womb and he finally bottomed out in me, leaving me breathless. He bit my ears “good girl. You took daddy’s cock like a pro”.

My heart did an unexpected flip at that dirty complement. I didn’t understand why. I feel proud of myself. That thought didn’t last long because he proceeded to screw me.

I mean, literally screw me. We can’t thrust fast or slide in and out like the normal fucking movement, so, What he does is to fuck the mouth of my womb.

Ever gotten your womb fucked?! That is what is happening to me right now. His cock head is making gentle little motions on my womb mouth. That tucked in spot that holds a ball of crazy sensitive nerve endings. That’s the spot he’s softly fucking.

This cock is knocking on the door. This dick is seriously screwing my spot. He’s grinding me on his cock and nailing my womb and I began to cry softly. He holds my ass down by anchoring me with his arm and nail that dick in me.
Tears flow down my face and I have to look out of the window. I am crying. I can’t scream in pleasure. I can’t moan or groan.

The pent up feelings brings out tears.
My eyes catch a car also struck in traffic and the woman looks at me in concern. I’m sure she is wondering as to why I’m crying. I sniffled like a baby and she looked like she wants to come and pet me.
I wish she knew that the reason I’m crying is because I’m getting the best fuck of my life. I’m getting absolutely cock screwed and I am loving it.

The bus suddenly lurch and I bounce harder on his dick. I explode. Literally. I bit my lips till I taste the metallic tang of blood. My insides contract and release as I experienced the most epic orgasm of my life.
He holds me down harder on his fuck stick and screw me all through the experience. I cry harder.. In a mixture of pain, pleasure and perversion.

He bites my neck a few moments later and I feel the warm gush of cum splatter right at the mouth of my womb. This triggers another wave of contraction-like mini orgasms.. I lost my sight for a blinding moment.

He licks the spot on my neck and slowly pull out of me. I know I’m going to sport a memorable hickey on that spot. Like he is ready, he gently raises my ass up and plugs my pussy with his kerchief.

I can feel the warm cum flow out of my body and the kerchief soaking it up. “I love you, my baby” he whispered.
“I love you too dear”.. I whispered back to my ****

Bus ride fantasy done!
And thats How I Spent My Valentine.

As Written by *Anonymous Fan* for The Sarcastic Geek Community

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