Cancer is once of the Deadliest diseases in town due to it has no definite cause and cure, it has claimed lives of people in the past and is still would be withnessed in the near future.

Having an insight on the symptoms of this ailment would be the best, because early symptoms would give us an upper hand for us to tackle it. Early cancer can be cured but once it is a blown up, its no more possible.

Here are some of these signs and symptoms:
1. REGULAR MEDICAL CHECK-UPS AND SCREENING- This should be the number one, once you notice any abnormal sign on your body, visit your doctor. Especially lumps on your full breast.

2. BODILY DISCHARGE- Bodily discharge can be of any type. It might contain blood or it may be thick mucous kind. Coughing out blood for example is a bodily discharge that can be considered as a sign for lung cancer. Similarly colon or rectal cancer results in blood in stool. Cervix cancer result in vaginal bleeding while urinal bleeding are a direct sign of bladder or kidney centered cancer. Even nipple discharges similar secretions which can be a sign of breast cancer. Even excessive release of sweats can be a crucial sign for cancer. Also difficulty in passing bodily discharges like urine can point to prostrate cancer. Vomiting blood can be a sign of stomach cancer although one might avoid it as a symptom of stomach ulcer. But do bring it to proper medical attention.

3. VOICE HOARSENESS- Keep an eye on your voice as it can give you crucial signs for approaching cancer. Hoarseness can be a symptom of lung cancer or thyroid cancer or oesophagus cancer. Sudden change in your voice quality can be known easily. It points to cancer at the larynx. It should not be avoided and a medical scrutinizing is necessary.

4. DON’T OVERLOOK SORES- I tell you don’t overlook sores, sores are also a very great sign of cancer. Sores on the lips, the foot, laps and palms should not be over looked.

5. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR SKIN- The skin is the most popular area where cancer strikes. Most cancers are on the skin and skin cancers are easily cured, better still when early. So keep an eye on your skin.

6. INDIGESTION- Indigestion or fuss in swallowing can be early signs of some cancers. Cancers like those centered around esophagus or stomach will lead to indigestion. On the other hand mouth or throat cancer will make swallowing difficult.

7. FATIGUE- Extreme fatigue, on easy jobs can be a sign that you are expecting a cancer. Because cancer eats up most of your organs and always keeps your waxed out.

8. MONITOR YOUR WEIGHT- Yea, you kbnow cancer generally deteriorates your health and makes you loose weight drastically.

9. NEVER OVERLOOK SYMPTOMS- take a look at all the symptoms on the image above, please to stay health, donot overlook them.

10. MAINTAIN YOUR MEDICAL RECORD- now this would help you to know all the type of illnesses you’ve gotten.

Ok that’s all for now, Stay safe and Share what you know. Wink**

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