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What I Learned When Love Broke My Heart
After a Breakup, it seems as if the shackles of love fall off and you start to see things differently. Just like every modern day teenager,  I've been through the Phase of a Broken Heart, and i learned from my past.
- This is my very first Blog Post here and I'll Just Leave this Here.

5 Things I Learned When Love Broke My Heart

#1. Fairy Tale Love Only Exists in Disney.
At the onset of every Relationship,  the illusion of a Fairy Tale Love is imbibed into ones mind. After Love Broke My Heart, i understood that the type of love I seek only exists in Disney and Folktales, it doesn't get perfect as humans are imperfect.
#2. Love Intoxicates.
Before you meet her, you agree to love her maturely and not stupidly, but Once she agrees to date you - you begin to love with your heart instead of your head - BECAUSE THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE! When you're still in love, you are able to tolerate things you never would on a normal day. Love makes you take sacrifices,  decisions, and say things that may not be really okay with you - but it is normal to behave stupid at times, love intoxicates, till Love Breaks Your Heart.
#3. The Power of a Relationship Lies in the Hands of the One Who Loves Less.
It is evident, you know of this but you chose not to believe. The Relationship is manipulated by the one who loses less because the other values it more. I could do anything to save the Relationship,  so i can bend to each of your tunes and excesses - so you could manipulate me till Love Broke My Heart. I also learned that Power isn't necessarily Happiness. Having the Power in the Relationship doesn't give you the Happiness you want, wasn't the reason you went into a Relationship?
#4. Nothing Heals the Past Like Time.
"... nothing heals, the past like time, and they can't steal, a Love you're bound to find." Dean Lewis - Be Alright. I Learned that pain is only temporary,  it will fade away eventually and time is your best ally. Wounds heal tho, but scars remain. I have learned that i can never be too careful, and there is no ideal tip to get off a broken heart. I had to search the internet for tips, after a few days - I Learned that time was my Best Ally.
#5. Life Goes on.
Tho Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones, and a Failed love may Break my Heart - Life Doesn't Halt. Life goes on,  life just has to go on. Maybe we are not bad people, we're just bad together; but life has to go on. You might be irrational for a few days or weeks, thought of suicide; whatever it is, life goes on, not necessarily with you.
Love is a thing of the mind, a big Illusion, so do not let it alter your vision. At the Onset of a Breakup, you might want to do a couple of things; reveal the secrets you shared, slut shame her, body shame him, or no have him killed. A Heart Break causes Psychological Imbalance,  Suicidal thoughts, a quick urge for a Rebound Relationship,  hatred for the opposite gender, and list of things. I've had my own share of Heart Break, I've Learned from it, I've Moved on, and I'm happy again.
Originally Written by Gozkybrain Izuka for the Sarcastic Geeks Community